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The traffic light eating plan the traffic light eating plan makes it easier to choose the foods that will keep you as healthy and strong as possible throughout your life the traffic light style of eating is full of nutrients like vitamins fiber and protein low in less healthy foods like added sugar and unhealthy fatsthe traffic light diet plan offers a new way to help you cut calories foods are divided into one of three colour categories based on their calorie content and nutritional value red foods are high in calories with few nutrients amber foods are high or reasonably high in calories but are also high in nutrients and green foods are low in traffic light diet or similar approaches 2006 the traffic light diet sometimes called the stop light diet was developed by leonard h epstein and colleagues for use in their family based childhood overweight research this group of scholars has been responsible for a large portion of the best research on childhood overweight for over the past two decadesthe traffic light diet works because it excels at both while overcoming some of the big hurdles to eating healthy it takes little effort to track the foods you eat and that tracking system lets you make choices about where and how to scale backwe all know what the colors on a traffic light stand for during the 1970s leonard epstein phd used its tri color palette to create an easy to follow diet for overweight children known as the traffic light diet it divides foods by the colors of a traffic signal green for low calorie foods that

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